sea no evil . sat april 29

i'm super excited for this.


voyeur . thur aug 27

i'm planning on coming out to play this thursday in san diego folks.

mainly for one reason:

mr mc scotty's bday.
my long lost good friend.
can't wait to come out and celebrate your bday with you!



new york . i love you

saw this movie preview prior watching 500 Days of Summer...

this movie looks quite promising.

i frikken love that song.
it makes me so happy.

wa we wa woo.
hope all is well with all of you. <3



foam dome homes . apartment therapy

While browsing Apartment Therapy I came across these strange looking homes from Japan called Foam Dome Homes. They're so strange looking and intriguing I felt like I had to share...

These homes are made from polstyrene foam, the modular pieces of these igloo-like homes create buildings that are very well insulated, inexpensive, lightweight, easy to assemble, and extremely durable (both earthquake and typhoon resistant).

So strange! Reminds me of Teletubbies. Yet, practical and easy on the wallet. Whatever works.


your heart . is a weapon