balboa at night . by cameron murray

here are some beautiful photographs that cameron took one night as we strolled though balboa park. he does some amazing night shots.

other photos found here . czmurray gallery

love you babe.
keep goin at it.


thursday night . art night

my neighbor stephanie and i officially declared thursday nights as art night. we invited michelle over to get her creative gears going as well.

of course everyone is unique, but my neighbor stephanie has a talent i've never seen before. she definitely serves as a true inspiration to me. on the plus side, she's a rad girl. i love her overall style, she states that she likes to create finished art in one night so that she'll be able to see a finished piece the next day. she tends to use acrylics as her medium of choice, and let me tell you, she KNOWS how to use them. since they dry so quickly it allows for her to finish a painting within a short period of time.
michelle has been wanting a headband to use as an accent in her short hair. she put together this headband from a faux rose & chose to add fabric detail to a few of the petals. She also used fabric for the band, which she will be hand sewing an elastic band to so she can attach the two ends of the fabric together. you can't tell unless you look closely in this photograph, but there's a black feather alongside the rose as well. super cute.

i really liked her little project because it will look perfect for when she goes out to dinner and add a little spice to her head when she's having a bad hair day. plus, it didn't even take her a long time to put together.

cam got home from work and went straight to the dart board with phil. it was cute to have the boys play a game while the girls sat on the floor painting.
here's the little project i started working on. i couldn't finish because the last layer of paint i put down was too thick to dry quickly. next time i'm going to try to avoid that, so i can just produce, produce, produce. the finished piece will be coming soon.

thanks so much to stephanie for letting us use her art supplies and extending her home to us.
we will be trying to do this every thursday night & anyone is welcome.

until next thursday.



san diego zoo . 4.28.10

spent a day with little kai kai and baby keanna at the zoo.
alongside with mike and angie.

it was a day well spent with family.
love you guys.



san diego art walk . 04.25.10

sunday afternoon, i made it a point to get out of work as fast as possible to catch the san diego art walk. i hurried from encinitas to hillcrest, where cameron and i convinced a couple of our neighbors to head over to little italy with us. we saw works of art by the many talented artists here in local san diego. it was wonderful to be able to see their work and chat with a couple of them. almost nothing compares to a sunday afternoon walk in littly italy. although we only got to experience the art walk for about forty minutes til it shut down, i was completely satisfied. ohh, the countless joys of living in san diego.

just a few links to check out:

sandi schimmel gold . www.schimmelart.com
dani dodge . www.danidodge.com
melissa inez walker . www.distinctionart.com


jenga . 04.24.10


lifted art show . u 31

headed to u.31 this past saturday night for the lifted art show. drank a couple rum & cokes, enjoyed the company of a couple good friends, saw some good art, saw some bad art. left with a buzz, inspiration, and a smile.



johnny cupcakes . 5 & A Dime

now i can die happy.
thank you to my asian pop princess. ;)



the selby . is in your place

a chronicle of the the most interesting homes and it's owners. selby captures the homes of dj's, artists, stylists, designers, models, and more. for example, amongst the number of homes he's documented you can find the dwellings of jonathan adler and christian louboutin. impressive clientele, right?

nothing better than a book for your coffee table that let's you creep into the lives and homes of the hiperati.
i want this book. now.


dollhouse chair . jewlery stand

i can't believe how cute this jewlery stand is.
you can find it at urbanoutters for $68.
i want stand so badly.
santa? easter bunny? anybody?
pretty please.



12 @ elden . better shelter

better shelter . an oc based real estate development company that finds all the "diamonds in the ruff" properties and flips them to homes that nobody can resist to stare at. better shelter is a breath of fresh and clean design. not too little, nor too much of anything and everything. their spaces tend to stay comfortable, but uncluttered, clean, but without an overwhelming amount of negative space. better yet, their eclectic designs give me relief from other homes than tend to be overly modernized. kudos to better shelter.

love it!



bo concept . first anniversary

nothing beats visiting an up-to-date furniture showroom, free drinks, hors d'oeuvres, good company, and fun selection of persons to "people watch".
fashion show held by melero boutique.



bo concept san diego . first anniversary party

Saturday, April 17, 2010 - 7 - 10pm

April 17 from 7 - 10pm to experience the very latest spring trends from the world of home furnishings, fashion and automobiles. Relax while you check out the latest runway trends from Melero Boutique and meet the new arrivals from the BoConcept collection of contemporary furniture and accessories. All guests will be treated to complimentary cocktails and delicious hors d'oeuvres from local sponsors.

RSVP to rsvp@boconcept-sd.com


our house . in the middle of the street

cameron and i have finally left "the valley" and have started a new chapter together in a little bungalow abode in hillcrest. living situations seemed to be a tad bit more lavish living in a large and very impersonal archstone complex. yet, instead of living with a bunch of unknowns in what felt like an upscaled version of a dormitory, we found ourselves falling in love with a charming four unit complex. we adopted a total of six interesting neighbors, two people residing in each one-story unit, all of which are lined up in a row. we all share a community yard that also doubles as a dog park for "the kids" of the complex--charlie, irish, and ruby. the arches, rustic wood flooring, and unique colored ceramic tile gives our home so much character. we are carefully and slowly complementing the place with our own decor and personal touches, making it our very own. the combination of great location, community, and privacy makes this dwelling a perfect place to call home. we couldn't have made a better choice for our first home together.

pictures of the interior to come someday soon.

our door is open,
visitors are always welcome.


lawrance . in milan

howard haimsohn, the owner of Lawrance, made his way over to Milan for the furniture fair.
he sent this photo in a hello email.
it made me jealous.



new @ . keep calm gallery

keep calm gallery
beautiful prints found and located in south east london.

Keep Calm Limited
47 Jennings Road
East Dulwich
SE22 9JU
United Kingdom


johnny cupcakes . 5 & A Dime

Johnny Cupcakes will be making a pit stop at 5 & A Dime.
My long-time cupcake obsession has been yearning for this.

5 & A Dime
701 8th Ave.
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 236-0364