love and other drugs

in theaters november 24

finally, a rom com that i'm looking forward to.
it's been a while.



red wine . white wine

red or white?
which would you prefer for the night?
let me just walk down into my wine cellar and grab it for you.

yeah, i wish.


loving you for you

this goes out to my love...
mr cameron murray.

yes, yes, indeed.
oh, how i love you so.


re-visiting the past . eames case study

i'm at the parental's house right now trying to clean out and throw out the junk i don't need to be storing here anymore...I took a break and now I'm browsing my photos on their computer...found these three from the eames case study house that i thought i'd post for my future convenience. i've done a previous posting about my visit--but these photos weren't included. enjoy.

simple & beautiful.
sometimes it's best to keep things from being complex.


dancing house . frank gehry

a co-op design between Franky Ghery & Vlado Milunić
prague . czech republic
started in 1992
completed in 1996

whimsical and mysterious.
...playing with the traditional building surrounding it...

loves it.



schwinn exerciser

schwinn exerciser from grandpa murray's place in klamath falls, or.
ummm, i love it.



home . is where the heart is

home is whenever i'm with you.


levanger mirror . ikea

got a hallway or room that needs a strong accent wall that will make a huge impact?
the levanger mirror collection from ikea would look AMAZING grouped together.
this goes especially if your shooting for a shabby chic or vintage look.
rather, if you're going for a unique contemporary look, you can mix and match these mirrors as well.

only have money for one?
that's fine, it'll still look fabulous by itself.

the mirrors range from $79-$99.

you buy the mirrors, i'll hang them for you.

source: ikea.com


red velvet . with love

one of the birthday sweets i received.
home made from scratch.

potential candidate to make my wedding cake.

thanks sandra <3


rex market . fairfax

love this old school photo of a unlikely dear friend.
told him i'm stealing it, so now i'm posting it.

everyone meet the conte family.

forever documented via internet.



pangaea outpost . pacific beach

awesome time killer/portal.
besides, support your local merchants and artists.


909 Garnet Avenue
San Diego, CA 92109

it's the small things . that make me happy

ohh, my mini indigenous bouquet, how i love you so.

on our day off, cameron and i went for a bike ride around miramar lake.
i ended up gathering these up for a little decor in our kitchen.
who knew it would make me so happy every time i see it?
it's been a few days since, & the smell still reminds me of the bike ride we took.
better yet, this arrangement will last a long time since it grew without depending on constant water supply.

lesson of this blog posting is as follows...
surround yourself with things that make you happy.
take memorabilia from different experiences and incorporate them into your everyday life. it will help!


happy birthday america . 2010

quite an adventurous fourth of july.
good times, good people.

special thanks to phil & bill for letting us watch the fireworks on their boat.



coco rosie & cibelle . 07.01.10

tonight. belly up tavern.

i am very excite.



sherwin williams . paint swatch commercial

i've always wanted to make artwork with paint swatches. sherwin williams beat me to the punch. i love this commercial...

it's brilliant.



neighbor love .

they're amazing.



pyscho killer . talking heads


blue boheme . philippe beltran

amazing food, atmosphere, and company.
a great first anniversary celebration.

blue boheme website



cam & anne . 5.15.10

today marks the one year anniversary for Cameron and I.
i couldn't be happier & I wouldn't want to share the present and future with anybody else.
i now know what people mean when they say "...when you meet the right person, you'll just know..."

i love you cameron!


smells like flowers . 5.15.10

this wonderful bouquet got delivered to me at work earlier today.
i definitely feel like a special girl & i feel so loved.

love is in the air.



walk to my car . 05.13.10

i had a meeting at lawrance's corporate location in hillcrest.
parking was rough, but the walk was very enjoyable..
i had music playing in my earphones
& the flowers were taking over the sidewalk.
i was forced to stop and smell them.

ohh, the simple things in life that make you smile.



puppy love . 5.11.10

living back in hillcrest has been a great experience so far. we have a privately enclosed yard that serves as a doggy park. here are a few solo shots of the pups that reside with us huh-mans. they're quite the trio together.

irish, charlie, and ruby.
almost nothing compares to puppy love.

gotta love em.



french pastry cafe . encinitas

this little french pastry cafe is dee-lish.
personal, quiet, quaint, & untouched by corporate hands.
i got the regular, vanilla soy latte.
alongside a flaky apple turnover.

something new for me to obsess about while at work.




the selby . philippe and jasmine starck

the selby has hit the home of philippe and jasmine starck.
i peed a little when i saw that these photos were added to the selby site.
yes, i was THAT excited.
philippe starck designed the ghost chair, a chair i have declared that i must own before i die.
perhaps, even a few, i don't care how often they are used in design.
anyway, here are a few photos of the interior.
if you want to see more, click on my click to the selby's page at the bottom of this posting.

pretty outrageous, huh?
keep in mind, this is the home of a world known designer.
his home looks nothing like a showroom floor...
it's overflowing with collections of things that he finds intriguing and loves.
i couldn't express more to just fill your home with things you love.
...from there, it will all come together.

the selby . philippe and jasmine starck at home
philippe starck network



pencil vs camera . ben heine

an artistic experiment of pencil vs camera.
both are beautiful separately.
combining the two is all the more interesting.

these are creations of an artist that i have yet to really research.
yet, i had to share....his name is ben heime.

ben heine flickr . http://www.flickr.com/photos/benheine/

sparking a fire of inspiration.


exit through the gift shop . a banksy film

banksy's film has finally arrived in san diego.

cameron and i caught it with our neighbors and we left the theatre in awe. we talked about it hours upon hours after leaving. the conversations that sparked were especially intriguing because everyone's intake on the documentary kept changing, new questions kept arising. the documentary was nothing close to what i expected & i definitely recommend it for anybody that is artistic or has any sort of interest in art. it's has great insight of the world that street art created. it'll get that hamster wheel in your head spinning...& spinning.



balboa at night . by cameron murray

here are some beautiful photographs that cameron took one night as we strolled though balboa park. he does some amazing night shots.

other photos found here . czmurray gallery

love you babe.
keep goin at it.