diane & chris . march 29, 2009

most amazing wedding ever.

photography by:
dvartistry site
dvartistry blog


we own the sky . M83

it feels good to be back for a while longer.



wall less house . tezuka architects

hate running into walls?

Architects: Tezuka Architects - Takaharu+Yui Tezuka, Masahiro Ikeda, Makoto Takei
Structural desing: Ove Arup & Partners Japan Limited
Lighting design: Masahide Kakudate (Masahide Kakudate Lighting Architect & Associates, Inc.)
Construction: Matsumoto Corporation
Design period: 2000.4-2000.12

source: archdaily


bike crash . ffffound! photo

love his formation.
love everyone's reaction.

click to expand.

source: fffound!



1979 . smashing pumpkins

With the headlights pointed at the dawn
We were sure we'd never see an end to it all


one more day . til diane's big day

as the hours are being counted down faster than usual...last minute details are now coming to attention. nerves seem to be building up...but breathing still somehow remains easy. as much as all this hustle and bustle & noise from constant cellphone ringing may seem to be taking up the all hours during these past few days, weeks, and months...tomorrow we will all be completely immersed by the moment. tomorrow will be the union of two lives that will forever remain as one. neither of you have to face the world's perplexitys alone...you will have each other to fight through life's struggles together.

i mustered up a whole plethera of feelings during the preparation process of this wedding. i couldn't be happier for you Diane...i have always considered you one of my closest friends...we always remained close despite the distance and time we spent apart from each other. our friendship has always been comfortable and effortless and the time nor distance got in the way of it...and in that & more, i know you're my true friend. Seeing you with Chris brings me so much joy...as I feel as if he has been my friend just as long. I have not once questioned your relationship together...i always just believed in it.

in a world where many things never seem to make sense
this wedding is one thing that does...make.perfect.sense.

i mean this in all honesty.

i love you both.
thanks for making me a part of the biggest day of you lives.



suites avenue hotel exterior . toyo ito

Toyo Ito has recently completed the facade of The Suites Avenue Hotel located in Barcelona, Spain.
With the inspiriation of Antoni Gaudi, Toyo was able to transform this once dull exterior into something with a prodigious appearance.

source: the contemporist


pack your bags . fortune cookie says

it's a little blurry...
probably cause i haven't completely figured out the details.
but check out my fortune from last night's wedding rehearsal dinner.

"pack your bags. you're bound for an exciting destination."

bahhh. well, just an fyi..i know i've been super mia.

i had to get out of san diego for a bit. a lot of things have come to an end for me the past few months including school, active, and soon to be the lease at bumsville. i have to admit that it has been one of the most amazing years i have lived yet...but shit can only get better from here. with all the endings, i wanna try to take a step forward and move into something more unfamiliar & embrace the unknown.

chapters have been closing one by one, and it's time to work on starting up new ones for myself. so i had to do a little soul searching and figure out where i wanted to end up...i have recently succumbed myself to the inevitable which encases a life enriched with my passions design, art, writing, & music. i want to release from everything i know...faces of the familiar. i want to end up in san francisco. i've never felt like i belonged somewhere...til now.

the idea of living in san francisco has been cooped up in the back of my head for a few years now, and as time passed it slowly felt like it could somehow become a reality. now, more than ever. (minus the money) i'm not saying this will happen now, but it's definately going to happen in the near future...it's what i'm going to be working towards & it's already a work in progress. i need to get my foot into the design world, and stop being an observer. i know it's going to be hard for me to shake the familiar & i know i just have to stay focused, determined, and work harder than ever. thanks to everyone who has been helping me out and giving me support.

i couldn't be more grateful for the friendships i have developed in san diego...it's because of you guys i finally feel like i am able to go out and discover by myself. thanks for helping me build my sense of character. love you all.

once again, i apologize for the MIA business...please understand as i have grown a bit restless..i needed to get away and organize my emotions & thoughts, i now know what i need to do & where i need to go now...i'll be returning soon after diane's wedding.

"i don't want the world, i just want what i deserve"


feel the cheap and cheerful . U31 video by mac

i've been missing san diego's nightlife.
a dance party is in need asap.

Feel The Cheap and Cheerful! from mac nguyen on Vimeo.



where the wild things are skateboards . spike jonze

i didn't wanna wake you up, but i wanted to show you something...



randoms . i heart fffound!

i could browse FFFFOUND! for hours.

uhhh. i have nothing to say.
not like you care neway. ;)


the sweetest hangover . march twenty.seventh

brought to you by
AVNT.GRDE . Alphanumeric x LWC x MUTE97

21+ free all night

Great music + Good drinks ( $10 bottles of champagne)

Dress code: No All White shoes, No Shorts, No White Tee's, No Sandals. Everyone knows what to do...



mustaches are for lovers . 5DTV

5&A Dime does it again.

Mustaches are for Lovers Party from "5Dtv" 5&A DIME on Vimeo.



armand van helden . bloc party signs remix

if you don't care to watch.
i strongly recommend at least peeping it at 1:32.
so weird.

Signs (Armand Van Helden remix) from Bloc Party on Vimeo.

yes, another music video.

copacabana club . just do it

cute song.
cute singer.
cute video.

Just Do It from copacabana club on Vimeo.


the parental unit . team ramos

i went through some old family photo albums today with my mom. i found myself wanting to make copies of all the pictures that have to do with my family's history...but all i had was my blackberry. i snapped a few to share. i have to admit...i love my parents' sense of style from back in the day. my dad was a total cool guy, but was still humble and kind. my mom was a young woman interested in hair and fashion. my father was in the navy when the two of them met...love had to wait while he was stationed in hawaii...but soon enough, time permitted them to be together and allowed their lives intertwine into one...

i've always been intrigued by my parents' relationship. there's this large sense of patience, understanding, and compromise between the two of them...i look at the two as a team. everything they do, they do it together or for one another. i can't even begin to explain the immense amount of love that the two exude...towards each other and towards my brothers and i. i envy them for that.

although times have changed and our family is different & expanding now...i know for a fact that amongst the many questions i have yet to face in life...our family's union is one of thing i will never be uncertain about. with that...i'm truly blessed & can only dream of finding true love like my parents found within each other...but that can always wait.

until we find each other...
whoever you are...
i hope you're having an amazing life so far.
& i love you! ;)



case study #8 . ray and charles eames

case study #8 . ray and charles eames
203 Chautauqua Blvd.
santa monica, ca

the eames are an inspiring husband & wife team that designed with "attempt to state their ideas rather than a fixed architectural pattern".
ray and charles eames first resided here christmas eve 1949 til they passed.
until now, objects in the home have never been moved nor replaced.

everything catalog ordered.
a staircase normally used in ships.
a large use of industrial materials.
built on a low budget.
knick-knacks galore.
posessing the second eames lounge chair ever made.

this one goes down in the books...
one of the most inspiring things i've encountered to this day.

thanks brenden.
yay for timeless classics.



cheshire cat . he knows best

a old friend of mine sent this to me today...

"One day Alice came to a fork in the road and saw a Cheshire cat in a tree. "Which road do I take?" she asked. "Where do you want to go?" was his response. "I don't know," Alice answered. "Then," said the cat, "it doesn't matter."

bah. thanks! :)


cardboard office . nothing agency

started by Michael Jansen & Bas Korsten,
the Nothing office is constructed entirely out of cardboard.
from walls, beams, tables, shelving, and stairs...

designed by Alrik Koudenburg & Joost van Bleiswijk

creating something out of nothing.


bathtub iv . tilt-shift photography

Bathtub IV from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.
by keith loutit

this video was produced through a technique called Tilt-Shift miniature faking which is a technique whereby a photograph of a life-size location or object is manipulated to give an optical illusion of a photograph of a miniature scale model. the focus of the photography gets altered in Photoshop making the scene seem much smaller than it actually is.

kinda cool, eh?

thanks for showing this to me michelle.



the twelves @ boys and girls . bday celebration for james

saturday . march twenty.first

the analog show presents the twelves

along with the analogs

happy bday james :)



dirty vs one . this monday

this coming monday @ the saloonbecause at this age...
we should be going out on weekdays.


Los Angeles . blowen my mind like always

there's just something about LA
it's strangely addicting
i love it & i hate it at the same time.

last night was weird
from random run-ins to random drive-bys
nonetheless, i enjoyed it
hugs to all the faces i saw
apologies for those who got offended
thanks to those who danced

next stop?



about a year ago...

jaque was about to leave for san fran
and one of the best years of my life went into high speed

here's to the beginning of some of the best friendships i still have today



royksopp . happy up there

Happy Up Here from Röyksopp on Vimeo.

this song's super cheery sounding.
i like all the lights and cuts.
i kinda heart it.

check out the director's site

joyrider films . directed by reuben sutherland


armsrock . electric

armsrock . http://www.armsrock.blogspot.com/

an artist who has recognized the fluidity of life
creatively expressing the way he views the urban life through art
grasping the fact that it's the people make the city
striving to get people to be aware of environment those who surround you

"it's all momentary...everything that you do"

he tickles my fancy.



i hear wedding bells in the distance

diane's night out.

soon to be mrs byers.
i couldn't be happier for you.
love you lady.


ladies first . hellz bellz x stussy

Los Angeles, CA – March 3, 2009 – Lovemade is excited to announce a special event entitled “Ladies First!!,” which will be happening on March 10, 2009 at the Ecco Ultra Lounge in Hollywood, CA. The event is dedicated to celebrating the momentous collaborative venture between legendary streetwear label, Stussy, and one of today’s most exciting labels, Hellz. The two recently aligned to create a capsule collection that was recently unveiled and as expected, it created a sensation in the world of women’s streetwear.

For this aptly titled event, Lovemade has put together and impressive lineup of female DJs including Wendy City, Dim Mak Records’ Ana Calderon, Valida and Lady Sha who will all be playing an eclectic mix of Disco, Soul, Classic Rock, 90s and the always club pleasing, Booty Bass. Lovemade has built up a very strong reputation for their female oriented functions and their all girl DJ lineups that have rocked many a crowd throughout Southern California. The addition of Hellz and Stussy should make this celebration one that will be remembered long after, so be sure not to miss out!

celebrating a design collaboration brought to you by STUSSY X HELLZ BELLZ.






karaoke after the bar
korean food for breakfast
can't wait ;)



hard knock life . jay-z

pretty sure this song's appropiate for current times.