angelina jolie . make it your own

"some people say you're going the wrong way when it's simply the way of your own"
-angelina jolie

who cares what the others say...
it always come down to you to make your move.
live the way you wish to.

just live.



hellz bellz . culture clash collection

out with the old, in with the new.
hellz bellz is doing it dirty once again.

check out the full collection here:
http://hellz-bellz.com/images/spring09_p review/

lanie never lets the ladies down with her designs.


cut copy . matt & kim

i kind of HAVE to go to this.
anyone wanna join?
i don't care which show i go to.

Monday March 9th
POMONA CA @ The Glass House
200 West Second St. with cut copy. all ages $22


Tuesday March 10th
LOS ANGELES CA @ Henry Fonda Theater
6126 Hollywood Blvd. with cut copy.
8 pm doors. matt & kim on at 9.


Wednesday March 11th
LOS ANGELES CA @ Henry Fonda Theater
6126 Hollywood Blvd. with cut copy.
8 pm doors. matt & kim on at 9.




anti anti . snowden

perhaps my current soundtrack can mesh with yours.
take a listen.

perhaps it's his voice, the beat, or some of the lyrics...
whatever it is about this song...i just love it.

I huff gasoline from your shirt
and blur the questions that no one could ever answer
I empty my head of all that I know
seems like the best view is the one from below

we are anti-movements, we are anti-anti
one time we believed but now we dont even try
and I cant cut a rug, without my fashion drugs
inebriation leads revelation

gettin down in the town that makes no sound
you say there's nothing wrong but I dont hear it

I will burn your love letters in a parking deck
where I have harbored great things that I will never confess
we keep fresh paint on the countenance
now we keep it simple but make it more complex

we are anti-movements, we are anti-anti
one time we believed but now its passé and cliché
and she'll say anything to make you move again
but is it the truth? I dont care if it is

have a gday.



i hope they serve beer in hell . tucker max

I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell is a compilation of real-life stories lived by the asshole of all assholes, Tucker Max. Tucker lives the exhilarating life of unreasonable quantities of alcohol and sex.

I know I've blogged before ranting on about how i think everyone should write their own book. After reading the book about Tucker Max's countless sexapades and drunken messes...I still stand true to that statement. I laughed nearly throughout the entire book and even went through feelings of complete disgust...as fucked up as Tucker Max is...his story is an amazing one.

I definitely recommend this book for those who like a taste of bitter reality and especially for those who are stuck in their happy bubbles...cause as pretty as we like to perceive the world to be, this world of ours is still pretty messed up. We just have to learn how to accept the bullshit the our daily lives entail.

So all in all, pick up this book and check it out...if you can't handle it, as Tucker Max says..."go back to reading books you read at the grocery store and leave reality to the rest of us."


thanks for the recommendation Jenn



Ladytron & The Faint . Henry Fonda Theater

Ladytron & The Faint . Henry Fonda Theater
april 27 . 2009

i already bought my ticket along with my two girlfriends ashley & amanda.
the more the merrier.

join in the fun.
you wont be disappointed.


rainy day in SD . 5&A Dime reminiscing

went to visit the shop on a rainy day with jomo.
good ol' 5&A Dime.

Brandeezy and I were once quite the duo together.
it's all about that teamwork baby.
Friends turned family.

another day on the corner of 8th & G.
i miss being here everyday.
it's always nice to see familiar faces around these parts of town.

you should take a visit.



kid cudi . day n nite

i've already seen a couple versions of videos for this song.
this one is legit.


body house . monolab architects

rotterdam, netherlands.


the facade of this space is nutty.

always nice to see something different.


photography . david axelbank

work by london based photographer david axelbank


ahhh. photography.


sunny day . calls for some play

enjoyed the sun with amanda today.
it's almost always mandatory to pay her a visit when i'm in temec.
we caught up and shared our most recent stories.
crazy how similar they are to each other.
grabbed lunch, skated around, and cruised.
one of my favs.

chillen in her backyard watchen the golfers.

love you amanda.

always a pleasure.


black saturday . anti-valentine's day celebration

having no date for valentine's day calls for a nice dinner with good friends.
straight from a episode of friends.
jenn and i cooked dinner for the boys.
shit was damn good.

le menu: bruschetta, shrimp scampi, breaded mussels

afterward we headed out to 923 to see flo spin.
...then ending up at el dorado for some drinks.

who is this girl? she gave me a balloon. i may just heart her.
scotty regulating.

fuck valentine's day.
can it be spent like this every year...

con mis amigos...good times.
thanks guys.



Nash Quest . Onyx

Come check out Nash Quest at Onyx this Friday.

Nash Quest - "Home Is Where The..." from Rob Witt on Vimeo.

more good times.
i promise!


boys & girls . el dorado

it's the third weekend of the month and it's time to celebrate again.
so come out and play this saturday!

with DJ sets by:

Buddy Akai

Adam Salter

hosted by your friends from Active Downtown @ Petco Park (325 7th Ave, San Diego)

and Strawberry Greens

It'll be good times...no butts about it. haha ;)

El Dorado Cocktail Lounge
1030 Broadway
San Diego, CA 92101

yes. this was blogworthy. don't make fun of me.



kanye west . welcome to heartbreak

this video wasn't meant to be kanye's next single, but because there's another video out there that is using the same technique kanye was forced to drop the video today.

KANYE WEST "Welcome To Heartbreak" Directed by Nabil from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.



it's valentine's day...

...hope you chose whom to spend it with wisely.

have a fun day

happy valentines



studio note . norihiko terayama

art installations are my fav.
especially simple ones like these by norihiko terayama.


'metro map'

'pick your light'


you don't always have to make a bold statement to be seen or heard.
keeping it simple can have the same impact as being complex.

there's a time and place for everything.


jason mraz . house of blues sd


TK, Steven and I headed over to House of Blues Tuesday night where we met up with Joe, Cindy, Alvin, & Althea.

Jason Mraz was playing and luckily we were able to snap a photo with him before he went up onto stage. I couldn't help but take the relaxed route that night...I just sat, closed my eyes, and enjoyed his amazing voice.

A voice like that can make a girl's heart melt.

Thank TK. I had an awesome time.
Love ya.