red wine . white wine

red or white?
which would you prefer for the night?
let me just walk down into my wine cellar and grab it for you.

yeah, i wish.


loving you for you

this goes out to my love...
mr cameron murray.

yes, yes, indeed.
oh, how i love you so.


re-visiting the past . eames case study

i'm at the parental's house right now trying to clean out and throw out the junk i don't need to be storing here anymore...I took a break and now I'm browsing my photos on their computer...found these three from the eames case study house that i thought i'd post for my future convenience. i've done a previous posting about my visit--but these photos weren't included. enjoy.

simple & beautiful.
sometimes it's best to keep things from being complex.


dancing house . frank gehry

a co-op design between Franky Ghery & Vlado Milunić
prague . czech republic
started in 1992
completed in 1996

whimsical and mysterious.
...playing with the traditional building surrounding it...

loves it.