virtual national architecture week . april 13-19

The American Institute of Architects are kicking off National Architecture week this coming week, April 13-19.
Despite the economy's current status, public dialogue about architecture in the US need not come to a halt. Conversations will be open and hosted through Facebook, therefore creating diverse discussions amongst AIA members and other civilians that share interest as well.

Here’s what the Facebook page has to say about the AIA’s goals for the week:

As the profession and the nation confront the pain of a serious downturn, the AIA is pursuing a number of initiatives on a broad front to provide resources to position architects as leaders in helping their communities engage in exploring opportunities to invest in a better future.

We are assembling knowledge resources and information about sustainability, architecture as a health issue, universal design and accessibility, historic preservation, transportation and infrastructure, and school construction to enable and inform a discussion about your community's options. Please share images of buildings, projects or examples of architecture that shape your community.

Each day of the week is organized around a different topic so be sure to log on to have your say on any of these themes:

Monday, the 13th - Community Revitalization
Tuesday, the 14th - School Construction
Wednesday, the 15th - Affordable Housing
Thursday, the 16th - Sustainability
Friday, the 17th - Inclusiveness
Saturday, the 18th - Historic Preservation
Sunday, the 19th - Future of the Profession

Virtual National Architecture Week . Facebook

During these times, all we can do is immerse ourselves in our passions. Do what you love...keep moving, keep learning, keep growing...and we'll find our way towards that better future. Have a destination...but be within the moment as you travel towards it.

"There's more than one way to Rome"-Gary Leivers, my thesis professor


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