the selby . philippe and jasmine starck

the selby has hit the home of philippe and jasmine starck.
i peed a little when i saw that these photos were added to the selby site.
yes, i was THAT excited.
philippe starck designed the ghost chair, a chair i have declared that i must own before i die.
perhaps, even a few, i don't care how often they are used in design.
anyway, here are a few photos of the interior.
if you want to see more, click on my click to the selby's page at the bottom of this posting.

pretty outrageous, huh?
keep in mind, this is the home of a world known designer.
his home looks nothing like a showroom floor...
it's overflowing with collections of things that he finds intriguing and loves.
i couldn't express more to just fill your home with things you love.
...from there, it will all come together.

the selby . philippe and jasmine starck at home
philippe starck network


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