26 random things . about me

random factoids and whatnots about yours truly

1. mickey mouse is my ultimate hero. i used to have a reoccurring dream about monsters chasing me in my backyard...and when i was lucky mickey would magically come to my rescue. i love him. (haha, this is a good start)

2. i can't bend my big left toe. so it looks like i'm giving you a thumbs up with my foot. my old friend michelle stepped on it while playing sardines right before arriving to ssp, a community service type deal i did every summer with my church youth group.

3. while on the subject of feet...i tend to play with my feet. a lot. they're constantly moving and fidgeting...i can't help it. it's comforting to me.

4. i love going to music shows. i believe one of the best feelings in the world is to listen to the music you love in a venue where the action is live...it's just you and the artist. i don't go to shows nearly as much as i should...but when i do, it's always epic.

5. i wish irish were human and he were actually my son. hahaha. OR that he would live forever as a dog and replace the need for me to ever have children. hahah. wtf?! i know.

6. when i was younger i always broke up with my 'boyfriends' when i found out they wanted to kiss me. geez. my mom wouldn't even let me watch people kiss on the television back then. what did you expect? sorry back in the day dudes.

7. i want to travel the world...mainly to find myself, also for inspiration to someday design interiors, and other 'life' things. my mind & creativity seems so limited just staying in one spot for so long. there's so much out there and so little time to see it all...i need to get off my ass!

8. i love onions. raw and cooked. LOVE them. my mom always rants about how my breath stinks from em...but i really don't care!

9. my mom is worried about me settling down. she's been complaining that i don't dress up like a girl enough, and she recently revealed it's cause she wants me to find my lifetime male companion. i told her it's just not my time yet...but the time will come soon enough.

10. well, apparently my parents are the most critical aspect to my life. they made me who i am today and i'm completely grateful for EVERYTHING they've done for me. i only hope to be just as great of a parent to my kids as well.

11. naughty by nature. that's all for this one.

12. i used to be terribly afraid of the dark and i always had to sleep with my closet door closed. haven't you seen monsters inc? monsters enter through your closet door.

13. when it was time to go bed, my pops and i would race each other up the stairs. laughing every time. we also have this song that we used to sing to each other called 'my sweetheart'.

14. i want to write a book about my life. from love escapades, trials & errors, bumsville, and everything in between. i think everyone should write a book about their life. we all have a story to share.

15. i love to sight-see. one of my favorite things to do is drive over to a couple spots here in san diego and take in the scenery...just soak it all in & breathe it. when i do this, time slows down, and i can actually take time to appreciate my surroundings.

16. one time my brother mike was babysitting me while my parents were gone. he grilled a hamburger for himself and i was devastated since he didn't make me one. i complained. he got mad and ended up spitting the chewed up burger particles in my face. hahaha. i was so upset, but now all i can do is crack up about it.

17. my brother sam and i used to draw on each other's feet with crayola markers. it got boring in the household sometimes...and i guess that's the coolest thing we could think of doing at the moment.

18. i wish i could take my interior design classes over again and take it more seriously. i now understand that you have to completely immerse yourself in your passion to produce work that actually means something. i wish i understood that from the get go...but at least i know now.

19. i've been to the Philippines once...right before sophomore year of high school. i didn't appreciate it whatsoever and i didn't get to know my family members that well. i want to go back and completely experience it. soon. god bless the motherland.

20. i'm a hopeless romantic that's afraid to fall. merely due to previous circumstances...i haven't been able to shake the feeling quite yet. but i know i will. someday.

21. i have this unexplainable liking towards jesse mccartney songs...it's a guilty pleasure that i can't help. yea, i'm ashamed. ha.

22. i have terrible luck when it comes to the following electronic devices: cameras, cellphones, & laptops. they always break on me. they all hate me.

23. i used to be able to go to TGIFridays and order the following: a garden salad with onions and ranch dressing, the three-for-all (substitute the cheese sticks for jack daniels crispy chicken), jack daniels steak, and a brownie obsession. extra sauce please. i went on this kick for a few weeks straight and i would sometimes go one day after another. it was amazing.

24. i wish i could play the guitar. i've tried learning a while back, perhaps i should try harder. i think it's so sexy when someone can play the guitar. guitar hero isn't nearly as satisfying as it used to be a while back.

25. my life isn't always easy and i don't always know where i'm going with it. i always try to find good in the shittiest of situations, whether it be a lesson learned or some sort of self realization..for me or someone else. life's beautiful in that way. and i'm fucken corny.

26. i have developed this keen relationship with jenn. we were in hillcrest the other night for dinner and were mistaken for a lesbian couple. apparently i give off the vibe that i'm the man in the relationship. you gotta love friendships that blossom so crazy outta nowhere.

goodness, this shit was random.
the end.


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