beached dolphin . encinitas, ca

i hardly make my way north from downtown san diego, until last night when i decided to show face in encinitas...i had three good reasons: jenn, mikey, and scott. we've been a random group that has been hanging out together a good amount of time now. all i know is that we all came from different lifes, and have haphazardly created a fun, ordinary, and exciting friendship.

we went out like all other monday nighters & found ourselves at the saloon. we drank, danced, and chatted. afterward we decided to talk a nice walk to the beach.

after trailing down the stairs towards moonlight the first thing we saw was a little dolphin beached onto shore. as unfortunate as the situation was for the poor dolphin. the dolphin was still alive, blowing air out of it's blowhole & flipping it's tail.

it was amusing to see the series emotions the group went through. it all started with jenn and i screaming "omg, what is that? WTF is that?!". mikey was off in the back somewhere taking pictures without a single clue...

scott confidently got to work right away in trying to save the dolphin. changing the defination of one people project to one mammal project.mikey jumped in to help until he decided there was no way he was going to chance the possibility of getting sick if he all got into the water. all whilst jenn decided it was mandatory for her to put forth her best effort in helping as well. i know it seems inhumane that we're laughing in the photographs...the laughter was merely a result from the shock and randomness of the situation. we were definately concerned with the dolphin's well being and safety. the whole situation completely caught us off guard. that's for sure.

after jenn and scott were about waist deep in the water and about twenty minutes into trying to get the dolphin to swim back out into the water, we finally had success.
all i know is,
encinitas is crazy.
that shit would've never happened in downtown.
take care noah.


  1. you need to come up more often! it was such a magical night. bahahaha!

    I hope noah's doin okay.

  2. Good job on saving the dolphin! How often do you get to find and save the life of a stranded dolphin?!?!