excuse me . may i interrupt your story for a quick life reminder?

corny status again.
but, fuck it.
or butt fuck it, if you don't care to hear.
maybe you'll care to read it some other day...

make this life worth one living.
like the top right of my blog says

"if you don't like something change it;
if you can't change it,
change the way you think about it."

live for something.
build relationships and fix the old ones.
people you encounter are the characters to your story,
be open and learn somebody else's.
learn from others' mistakes and accomplishments.
enjoy the company.

know when to cruise with the moment...
whether to slow it down and take it all in, cruise with it, or pick up momentum.
if you go too fast, you'll lose control.
if you go too slow, it'll be hard to pick up that speed again.

listen to both your head, your heart, your intuition, your gut feeling.
feel the emotions, don't ignore them.

accept the help of others when you feel you must,
then help others when they are in need.

go out and play,
but remember,
the best times spent with friends & family are usually while hanging out at home.

it's not like you have to live like this all the time.
this life doesn't have to be perfect.
it never will be.
it just needs to be lived.
lessons need to be learned, hearts need to be broken, friendships need to struggle.
just live it.
this is your fucken story.

source: ffffound!


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