i hope they serve beer in hell . tucker max

I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell is a compilation of real-life stories lived by the asshole of all assholes, Tucker Max. Tucker lives the exhilarating life of unreasonable quantities of alcohol and sex.

I know I've blogged before ranting on about how i think everyone should write their own book. After reading the book about Tucker Max's countless sexapades and drunken messes...I still stand true to that statement. I laughed nearly throughout the entire book and even went through feelings of complete disgust...as fucked up as Tucker Max is...his story is an amazing one.

I definitely recommend this book for those who like a taste of bitter reality and especially for those who are stuck in their happy bubbles...cause as pretty as we like to perceive the world to be, this world of ours is still pretty messed up. We just have to learn how to accept the bullshit the our daily lives entail.

So all in all, pick up this book and check it out...if you can't handle it, as Tucker Max says..."go back to reading books you read at the grocery store and leave reality to the rest of us."


thanks for the recommendation Jenn


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