one more day . til diane's big day

as the hours are being counted down faster than usual...last minute details are now coming to attention. nerves seem to be building up...but breathing still somehow remains easy. as much as all this hustle and bustle & noise from constant cellphone ringing may seem to be taking up the all hours during these past few days, weeks, and months...tomorrow we will all be completely immersed by the moment. tomorrow will be the union of two lives that will forever remain as one. neither of you have to face the world's perplexitys alone...you will have each other to fight through life's struggles together.

i mustered up a whole plethera of feelings during the preparation process of this wedding. i couldn't be happier for you Diane...i have always considered you one of my closest friends...we always remained close despite the distance and time we spent apart from each other. our friendship has always been comfortable and effortless and the time nor distance got in the way of it...and in that & more, i know you're my true friend. Seeing you with Chris brings me so much joy...as I feel as if he has been my friend just as long. I have not once questioned your relationship together...i always just believed in it.

in a world where many things never seem to make sense
this wedding is one thing that does...make.perfect.sense.

i mean this in all honesty.

i love you both.
thanks for making me a part of the biggest day of you lives.


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