the parental unit . team ramos

i went through some old family photo albums today with my mom. i found myself wanting to make copies of all the pictures that have to do with my family's history...but all i had was my blackberry. i snapped a few to share. i have to admit...i love my parents' sense of style from back in the day. my dad was a total cool guy, but was still humble and kind. my mom was a young woman interested in hair and fashion. my father was in the navy when the two of them met...love had to wait while he was stationed in hawaii...but soon enough, time permitted them to be together and allowed their lives intertwine into one...

i've always been intrigued by my parents' relationship. there's this large sense of patience, understanding, and compromise between the two of them...i look at the two as a team. everything they do, they do it together or for one another. i can't even begin to explain the immense amount of love that the two exude...towards each other and towards my brothers and i. i envy them for that.

although times have changed and our family is different & expanding now...i know for a fact that amongst the many questions i have yet to face in life...our family's union is one of thing i will never be uncertain about. with that...i'm truly blessed & can only dream of finding true love like my parents found within each other...but that can always wait.

until we find each other...
whoever you are...
i hope you're having an amazing life so far.
& i love you! ;)



  1. you look like your mom. great post!

  2. wow. my parents also met when my father was in the navy...and he was also stationed to hawaii. trip. but i agree with you totally... about family unity. its divine. and this may sound cliche but family happiness truly is a blessing.