pack your bags . fortune cookie says

it's a little blurry...
probably cause i haven't completely figured out the details.
but check out my fortune from last night's wedding rehearsal dinner.

"pack your bags. you're bound for an exciting destination."

bahhh. well, just an fyi..i know i've been super mia.

i had to get out of san diego for a bit. a lot of things have come to an end for me the past few months including school, active, and soon to be the lease at bumsville. i have to admit that it has been one of the most amazing years i have lived yet...but shit can only get better from here. with all the endings, i wanna try to take a step forward and move into something more unfamiliar & embrace the unknown.

chapters have been closing one by one, and it's time to work on starting up new ones for myself. so i had to do a little soul searching and figure out where i wanted to end up...i have recently succumbed myself to the inevitable which encases a life enriched with my passions design, art, writing, & music. i want to release from everything i know...faces of the familiar. i want to end up in san francisco. i've never felt like i belonged somewhere...til now.

the idea of living in san francisco has been cooped up in the back of my head for a few years now, and as time passed it slowly felt like it could somehow become a reality. now, more than ever. (minus the money) i'm not saying this will happen now, but it's definately going to happen in the near future...it's what i'm going to be working towards & it's already a work in progress. i need to get my foot into the design world, and stop being an observer. i know it's going to be hard for me to shake the familiar & i know i just have to stay focused, determined, and work harder than ever. thanks to everyone who has been helping me out and giving me support.

i couldn't be more grateful for the friendships i have developed in san diego...it's because of you guys i finally feel like i am able to go out and discover by myself. thanks for helping me build my sense of character. love you all.

once again, i apologize for the MIA business...please understand as i have grown a bit restless..i needed to get away and organize my emotions & thoughts, i now know what i need to do & where i need to go now...i'll be returning soon after diane's wedding.

"i don't want the world, i just want what i deserve"



  1. it's been a wild year right? but its time to move on to bigger and better things; it's only deserved. go handle your bizznass!!!