self realization temple . 04.14.10

"We all want to experience lasting satisfaction and perfection, but is it really possible? Or are such desires and longings merely an escapist's approach to the hard realities of human existence?...inner fulfillment we seek does exist and can be attained. In truth, all the knowledge, creativity, love, joy, and peace we are looking for are right within us, the very essence of our beings. To fully realize this--not just as an intellectual philosophy but as an actual experience that brings strength and understanding into every area of our daily lives--is what Self-realization is all about"

immerse yourself in experiences and lessons from all angles & perspectives.
mold everything you believe and love into one.
...and create your very own meaning of life.

Self-Realization Fellowship Temple
939 2nd Street
Encinitas, CA 92024-4411


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