thursday night . art night

my neighbor stephanie and i officially declared thursday nights as art night. we invited michelle over to get her creative gears going as well.

of course everyone is unique, but my neighbor stephanie has a talent i've never seen before. she definitely serves as a true inspiration to me. on the plus side, she's a rad girl. i love her overall style, she states that she likes to create finished art in one night so that she'll be able to see a finished piece the next day. she tends to use acrylics as her medium of choice, and let me tell you, she KNOWS how to use them. since they dry so quickly it allows for her to finish a painting within a short period of time.
michelle has been wanting a headband to use as an accent in her short hair. she put together this headband from a faux rose & chose to add fabric detail to a few of the petals. She also used fabric for the band, which she will be hand sewing an elastic band to so she can attach the two ends of the fabric together. you can't tell unless you look closely in this photograph, but there's a black feather alongside the rose as well. super cute.

i really liked her little project because it will look perfect for when she goes out to dinner and add a little spice to her head when she's having a bad hair day. plus, it didn't even take her a long time to put together.

cam got home from work and went straight to the dart board with phil. it was cute to have the boys play a game while the girls sat on the floor painting.
here's the little project i started working on. i couldn't finish because the last layer of paint i put down was too thick to dry quickly. next time i'm going to try to avoid that, so i can just produce, produce, produce. the finished piece will be coming soon.

thanks so much to stephanie for letting us use her art supplies and extending her home to us.
we will be trying to do this every thursday night & anyone is welcome.

until next thursday.


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