san diego art walk . 04.25.10

sunday afternoon, i made it a point to get out of work as fast as possible to catch the san diego art walk. i hurried from encinitas to hillcrest, where cameron and i convinced a couple of our neighbors to head over to little italy with us. we saw works of art by the many talented artists here in local san diego. it was wonderful to be able to see their work and chat with a couple of them. almost nothing compares to a sunday afternoon walk in littly italy. although we only got to experience the art walk for about forty minutes til it shut down, i was completely satisfied. ohh, the countless joys of living in san diego.

just a few links to check out:

sandi schimmel gold . www.schimmelart.com
dani dodge . www.danidodge.com
melissa inez walker . www.distinctionart.com


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