our house . in the middle of the street

cameron and i have finally left "the valley" and have started a new chapter together in a little bungalow abode in hillcrest. living situations seemed to be a tad bit more lavish living in a large and very impersonal archstone complex. yet, instead of living with a bunch of unknowns in what felt like an upscaled version of a dormitory, we found ourselves falling in love with a charming four unit complex. we adopted a total of six interesting neighbors, two people residing in each one-story unit, all of which are lined up in a row. we all share a community yard that also doubles as a dog park for "the kids" of the complex--charlie, irish, and ruby. the arches, rustic wood flooring, and unique colored ceramic tile gives our home so much character. we are carefully and slowly complementing the place with our own decor and personal touches, making it our very own. the combination of great location, community, and privacy makes this dwelling a perfect place to call home. we couldn't have made a better choice for our first home together.

pictures of the interior to come someday soon.

our door is open,
visitors are always welcome.


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